City Cafe requested flyers and posters for their upcoming Mothers’ Day champagne brunch. There was no formal direction for the project, simply a list of inclusions. I decided to take the opportunity to create some contemporary materials, more in keeping with City Cafe’s actual ambience as a bistro and restaurant than their customary dated menus and other print media.

I wanted to drive new business into City Cafe for the event, rather than relying on their regulars, so I decided to use some eye-catching watercolour flowers in tropical hues as a frolicsome border that would definitely be noticed around town.

I set all the text in black so as not to compete with the bold florals contrasting a friendly, whimsical handwritten script with the very clean and traditional Garamond. The result is a piece that is both pleasant and distinctive. City Cafe was so pleased with the result that they kept the initial mockups and put them in the front window.

For the flyer, I laid in a white margin to speed the production process and to cut costs to the customer, as they were also ordering full-bleed posters, which are quite expensive.

See City Cafe for the logo redesign I led.