Nuñez Walnut Tree Pruning services is a start-up company; as such, they had no preexisting graphic material and allowed me free rein. Having seen and edited many multiples of tree trimming and yard service cards, I thought it would be prudent to create an elegant and memorable card from the start, giving them a leg up on the competition and a positive artistic platform from which to proceed.


+ Visual identity
+ Logotype
+ Printed materials


+ InDesign
+ Illustrator

Manual labour services depend on word-of-mouth referrals, and without a real business name, the client was relying on customers remembering their last name. Highlighting Nuñez in gold embossing on the front underlines the fact that the business is family-owned. Embossing the description of services on the back sticks in the mind of customers in the same way.

Since the outfit performs a very specific service, I underscored the specialized nature of the business by keeping the card minimal but with traditional touches to draw attention to the product on offer, i.e. walnut tree pruning.

A lithograph of a walnut branch fits in neatly with the text and elevates the profession from a service to an art, while the dark greens and black accents provide distinction and the feel of a grove or wooded glade.