OLIO is an app that makes local sharing simple. The mission is to reduce waste and change thinking from needing to buy something new to seeing what’s out there for free first.

I developed 3 creative concepts based on the phrase “OLIO helps you discover the joy of sharing. OLIO is the app that makes local sharing simple”. I identified 4 barriers impeding usage of the app and ideated solutions based on that thinking.


+ Digital ads
+ Motion
+ Print


+ Figma
+ After Effects
+ Procreate
+ Photoshop


+ Instagram

You can do better—

Barrier: assumptions that items are poor quality, gross or already worn-out


+ Highlight the quality of items available on OLIO

+ Reinvent mental constructs around ‘secondhand’

+ Knits together product and mentality around “want”

You never know—

Barrier: Assumption that no one will want what you have to share, concerns over being shamed for listing a “bad” item, e.g. underpants, sex toys


+ Encourages listing items, works towards removing stigma around secondhand

+ Highlights that you might have exactly what someone’s looking for

+ Reinforces emotional aspect of sharing, the feeling of being able to give someone the perfect thing

Look what’s just popped up—

Barrier: Hard to find what you want, assumptions over lack of availability within an area


+ Highlight what’s available in the area, gamify availability

+ UGC photos show what’s really on the app in an area, creating a sense of locality, community and neighbourhood

+ Display diversity of items within distance, something for everyone