A holistic brand and visual identity project for an internally-produced trend forecasting report. This project was begun in December of 2018 as a client Christmas offer to provide an overlook of trends on the horizon and what was driving them.


+ Visual identity
+ Iconography
+ Digital report
+ Motion
+ Video
+ Printed materials


+ InDesign
+ Illustrator
+ Photoshop
+ AfterEffects
+ Final Cut Pro


+ Mailchimp
+ Squarespace
+ Vimeo
+ LinkedIn
+ Twitter

Early in the new year, it was decided to initiate The Frame as a subscription service, released quarterly.

I had wanted to take this in quite an avant-garde direction, considering the content, giving it a unique identity within Flamingo, yet still using elements of Flamingo branding. This marriage occurred through the use of Flamingo-specific typefaces and “Flamingo pink”, however, it is a strikingly new visual direction with elements such as line graphics, gradients, and screened photographs. The strongest distinguisher is the use of cobalt blue, a departure from brand colours, but very contemporary in fashion and design spheres, one that I hoped would pull Flamingo out of the company of other research agencies producing future casting reports.

From Flamingo’s The Frame page itself: The Frame explores and explains cultural innovations with human truths at their heart, ensuring that they are usable, meaningful, flexible and relevant. In each edition, we explore 10 cultural innovations across five categories: Health, Media, Style, Life, and Experience. More than flash-in-the-pan fads, we define cultural innovation as the creation of new needs, values or norms, shared by a group or community in response to change. We also bring the voice of the people driving this change to the fore through longer interviews with cultural innovators.

We held a launch event in the Barbicon Conservatory where we provided postcards featuring the drivers of change at the moment, tucked inside Frame-branded totes. We dressed the area with in-situ posters hidden amongst the foliage to guide visitors on a journey of discovery through the garden. We defined and branded the space through huge, 8-foot honeycomb boards featuring selected elements of the report.

There are multiple iterations of The Frame content in presentation form. Flamingo does its own internal launches for each quarterly release. Flamingo presented at APG, utilising material from The Frame, I ideated and created the motion elements for the piece. We also developed versions for client pitch decks, as well as client information pieces.

As the full report is digital and paid-for content, we developed a digest version of each issue of The Frame as promotional material that could be taken to clients, showing Flamingo thinking without giving away all the goodies.

Each report features interviews with cultural innovators, we decided to start turning these interviews into a multimedia offering. The editing project changed hands several times, finally landing back in my lap, so several of the videos have been made by me personally. I also created several motion email assets, my first foray into motion elements for email.

I directed the social media campaign for The Frame across LinkedIn and Twitter.

We presented a selection of The Frame at a special APG event centring on Radical Optimism. I designed the deck and produced the digital collateral.