This spring, my sister graduates with her Masters’ degree in English. I wanted to make something that reflected the slightly esoteric nature of her thesis, which is on memory transmission through oral storytelling in families and the use of photo archives to this end. I knew I wanted to do a bubblegum pink and strawberry colour-way, in contemporary, playful combination.


+ Visual identity
+ Motion
+ Printed materials


+ InDesign

I designed several versions in a similar vein.

I thought it would be fun to include an image of my sister herself, in a nod to her subject. However, in the end it became impossible to lay hands on the original image, so I used the one I pulled from Instagram, translating it into a monotone and converting it to a lower bitmap to give an “archival” style.

Considerations were ease and cost of printing, so I designed them to be printed 2-up with spot colour on coloured paper and no bleed. I sourced matching cerise envelopes for them as well. I also designed a social media promo gif for closer to the day.